Next Meeting

Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 10:00 am at Sand Run Metro Park, Shady Hollow Lodge, 1750 Sand Run Pkwy, Akron 44313

City Nature Challenge

Join Team Cleveland as we compete with other cities throughout the world to document species observed during the weekend of April 27-30.

2018 Native Plants of the Year

Learn more about this year’s native plants which include Great Blue Lobelia, Virgin's Bower and Tamarack.

Help save West Virginia White

Participate in a local garlic mustard pull.

Canada Geese

Learn more about the biology, status and behaviors of Canada Geese.

Spotted Turtles

Learn about the goals of LEAP's SPOTD (Save and Protect Ohio Turtle Diversity) Committee.

Managing White-tailed Deer

Management of White-tailed Deer populations in our region is based on science and best management practices



Log your nature observations on LEAP’s project, Lower Lake Erie Region Citizen Science Inventory

Legacy of Living Places

The building blocks of biodiversity in our region

Learn more about LEAP